Rhona McCallum Hair

Rhona McCallum Hair is a local hair salon in Central Scotland. They closed at the end of March and began doing hair guides and selling their retail products via facebook taking orders and processing payments manually via 

They asked us to help to create an online store where they could show all of their range and help to make their order processing easier both for the customer and them.

What did we do

We picked a premium theme and helped them to decide on how they'd work shipping,

We linked their online store to their mailing list so that they could utilise their existing customer list to create more sales.

We also set up a in-store pick up and local delivery service to put an emphasis on local sales.

We chose a premium theme and helped create banners for the online store to create a high-end feel to meet the premium brands they stock.

The Result

"Carrie has designed both our hairdressing salon website and shopify website. She has been so helpful and only a call away at all times. "

Rhona McCallum, Owner of Rhona McCallum Hair