Our Clients

We've worked with lots of clients across lots of industries but Ecommerce is what we do best. Here is a list of our Ecommerce & Shopify clients.

Independent Retailers

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Kitty at Home

Kitty at home went for our basic Shopify set up to get them up and running quickly when they had to close at the beginning of lockdown.

Stirling Cycles

We've supported independent retailer Stirling Cycles in all areas of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing including consultancy & introducing new marketing channels to their business.

Performance Supplements

Located inside Performance Gym, they've now got an online store to help support in-store sales, click and collect and also use Shopify pos.

Justice Comics

We're currently working with comic book store Justice Comics on launching their first online store. Coming soon..

Bluebells Boutique

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We work with both UK based & international brands on